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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does This Dottie come with an Amazon Echo Dot?

Answer:    No.  This Dottie does not include an Amazon Echo Dot.  You are expected to have your own Dot. :)


Question: Does This Dottie cover both sockets in an electrical outlet?

Answer:    No.  This Dottie has been specifically designed to use only one socket.  However, you may elect to plug it in where it covers both sockets for a clean, stylish look.


Question: What does it mean that This Dottie can be mounted right-side up or upside-down?

Answer:    This Dottie has been designed to be mounted with the Amazon Echo Dot on top of the mount (like a clock hand pointed at 12 o'clock) or the mount can be mounted 180 degrees (like a clock hand pointed at 6 o'clock) to where the Dot is at the bottom - offering stability either way.

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